Spanish govt mulling extending 700MHz licence duration to 40 years

26 May 2021

The Spanish government has published a new 5G roadmap via its Plan de Recuperacion, Transformacion y Resiliencia (Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan). As per the document, the government plans to invest EUR3.999 billion (USD4.896 billion) between now and 2023 to promote rural 5G connectivity and cybersecurity.

In terms of the 5G-suitable 700MHz band – which is expected to be auctioned later this year – the roadmap abolishes the proposed wholesale obligations that had initially been considered for certain frequency blocks and adjusts the deadlines for compliance with the imposed coverage obligations. In addition, the duration of the concessions is expected to be extended from 20 years to 40. The government paved the way for this extension with Real Decree-Law 7/2021 dated 27 April. The authorities are currently finalising an assessment of the exact prices that will be attached to the new licences.