Ooredoo Kuwait rolls out VoWiFi

21 May 2021

Mobile operator Ooredoo Kuwait has announced the launch of Voice-over-Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) services, initially available on Huawei and OnePlus devices, and promised on other devices soon. Implemented by the Ooredoo Business division, the company’s press release says VoWiFi is offered to ‘all Ooredoo Kuwait customers with pre-paid and post-paid voice plans’, enabling them to make voice and video calls and exchange SMS messages over a Wi-Fi connection at no additional charge to their package’s usual calling/messaging rates, without the need to download an application.

Ooredoo notes that its VoWiFi voice calls are sent through encrypted secure data channels, and will improve voice quality and prevent dropped calls in locations with weak smartphone network signals such as certain high-rise residential buildings, basements, offices and remote branches.

Kuwait, Ooredoo Kuwait