Three UK publishes network update

20 May 2021

British mobile network operator (MNO) Three UK has issued a network and IT update, in which it claims to be ‘continuing to transform its network and IT infrastructure to deliver a market-leading customer experience and ensure better connectivity’. According to the cellco, having invested ‘heavily’ in its rollout of 5G technology as part of a five-year programme under which it aims to deliver the UK’s fastest fifth-generation network, it now has 1,300 5G sites in operation across the country. Meanwhile, the MNO also noted that it is connecting its mast sites – both 4G and 5G – to high speed, high-capacity fibre, and it confirmed that 3,500 sites have now been upgraded to 10Gbps capable transmission, giving customers a faster, better and more reliable mobile broadband experience.

Alongside its 5G rollout, Three UK also continues to enhance its 4G offering by adding 1400MHz to over 1,900 sites. With the operator claiming that the use of that band will increase downlink speeds by up to three times, it has also suggested the addition of the extra spectrum means that the capacity of its 4G network, on the sites where it has been deployed, has been doubled.

United Kingdom, Hutchison 3G UK (Three UK)