1&1 Versatel, Deutsche Glasfaser sign wholesale FTTH deal for B2B connections

19 May 2021

1&1 Versatel has entered into a long-term wholesale agreement which will enable it to market its B2B products and services over Deutsche Glasfaser’s fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network. As a result of the cooperation, 1&1 Versatel is expanding its business services in rural areas and will be able to equip more than 12,000 companies with products, including data centre connections and cloud services, and gigabit internet speeds on Deutsche Glasfaser’s fibre-optic infrastructure.

‘As a network operator, we have to ensure that all companies really do get fibre-optic connections, especially in commercial areas. In rural areas in particular, the expansion of a comprehensive fibre-optic network only works through partnerships. With this cooperation we are taking an important step in the development of such regions,’ commented CEO of 1&1 Versatel Dr. Soren Trebst, adding: ‘Gigabit is only possible together. Cooperations, open access platforms and other forms of cooperation must be strengthened and promoted. We will only be successful if we as an industry use synergies, think networked and work hand in hand.’

Germany, 1&1 Versatel, Deutsche Glasfaser