Solomon Telekom to launch OTT service using Switch Media platform

13 May 2021

Solomon Telekom (Our Telekom) is launching an OTT streaming service on its free-to-air Telekom Television (TTV) network, using an online video platform supplied by Switch Media. The vendor is supplying its MediaHQ Lite video platform that provides subscribers with a dual-channel service that is available across multiple devices, including Chromecast. The Solomon Times notes that the new solution is designed to allow TV operators to launch ‘a fast-to-market OTT service at a low cost with a pathway to enhanced monetisation’. Capitalising on the Islands’ recently connected submarine cable link with Australia and Papua New Guinea, interest in OTT is booming and Switch Media claims its MediaHQ Lite solution will provide a combination of free-access and subscription, with subscribers receiving unlimited data via their broadband ISP. Billing is carried out via mobile phones and users will have the opportunity to purchase vouchers to access the service from local retailers.

Commenting on the launch, Telekom Television chief commercial officer Robertson Szetu said: ‘The undersea cable has opened the doors for our communities to access high speed services. Our new OTT offering gives greater access to viewers looking for news, sports and entertainment programmes across a variety of devices, 24/7.’

Solomon Islands, Solomon Telekom (Our Telekom)