Telstra outlines plans to develop ‘5G Home Internet’ service

10 May 2021

Australian communications provider Telstra has confirmed it expects to expand the reach of its ‘5G Home Internet’ service to more locations this year, while also outlining other actions it is taking to improve the offering for consumers.

Having launched its 5G Home Internet service at the end of last year for ‘select customers whose fixed connection might not have been capable of delivering to their needs’, the operator said it now has enough users to get an accurate look at the performance customers can expect. Having worked to refine both the service and its network, the operator claimed that average speeds have been increased by 19%, while the 5G Home Internet service now offers typical evening access speeds of between 50Mbps and 600Mbps, and an average throughput of 378Mbps.

Further speed improvements are expected on the back of the evolution of Telstra’s 5G network via the deployment of mmWave spectrum. With Telstra having secured 26GHz band mmWave frequencies at auction last month, it confirmed it has already begun deploying this spectrum in ‘selected sites’ in five capital cities. Meanwhile, as part of building out its 5G Home Internet portfolio, the company verified it is working with network technology vendor Casa Systems on the next evolution of its 5G fixed-wireless offering using mmWave technology.

Alongside speed enhancements, Telstra has announced it is doubling the data allowance on the 5G Home Internet plan following customer feedback from early adopters; the monthly usage cap is to be doubled, from 500GB to 1TB.

Finally, with regards to coverage, Telstra confirmed its 5G network is ‘well on track to reach 75% of Aussies by the end of June’.

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