DELTA Fiber upgrading to 10Gbps with XGS-PON

7 May 2021

Dutch broadband network operator DELTA Fiber Nederland has announced it is deploying XGS-PON fibre-optic technology to boost its peak end-user access speeds from 1Gbps to 10Gbps this year for consumers and businesses, while supporting further increases to 25Gbps. DELTA will announce prices for its first 10Gbps subscriptions later this year.

A pilot XGS-PON deployment will take place in the village of Zeeuwse Kapelle, and from September the technology will become the standard for the construction of all new fibre networks by DELTA. Nokia is supplying the new equipment for local exchanges, premises connection points and modems equipped with Wi-Fi 6.

Netherlands, DELTA Fiber Nederland (incl. Caiway), Nokia