CNT launches 5G trial zones

4 May 2021

Ecuadorian state-owned operator Corporacion de Telecomunicaciones (CNT) staged an event on 28 April to mark the launch of a 5G trial zone in central Guayaquil. One of three such pilot networks in the country (two in Guayaquil and one in Manta) activated with the telco’s longstanding partner Nokia, the access point in the Plaza de la Administracion district supports download speeds of 500Mbps. CNT staged several presentations at the event to showcase the benefits of 5G, including a live video call and a demonstration of real-time video gaming and download speeds.

Speaking at the event, Minister Andres Michelena noted the trial would support the government’s Digital Ecuador strategy to reduce the digital divide and boost connectivity: ‘Today we are inaugurating the first 5G point in the city of Guayaquil. For Ecuadorians this means being at the forefront at the telecommunications level, we hope that the new government will advance further in this process.’ In a press release, CNT stated 5G will increase access to internet services, enable migration to high speed networks and facilitate the deployment of fibre-optic networks to homes.