Oi launches FTTH in Sao Paulo

29 Apr 2021

Oi has launched fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services in Sao Paulo – Brazil’s largest city in population terms – for the first time. The Brazilian telco expects its fibre networks to pass 400,000 homes in Sao Paulo by year-end and reach the two million-milestone in 2022. As a result of the launch, Oi now offers FTTH connectivity in a total of 142 towns and cities across the country.

In a parallel development, Oi confirmed that it had activated a 1Gbps FTTH broadband service across its footprint earlier this month – more than doubling its existing 400Mbps peak download speeds. With the divestment of Oi’s mobile business well underway, the expansion of FTTH networks is the cornerstone of Oi’s future strategic plans. Encouragingly, the telco’s fibre user base has reportedly surged by 150% over the last twelve months.

Brazil, Oi