Telia Finland claims new 5G speed milestone

28 Apr 2021

Telia Finland has achieved a new milestone in its 5G deployment following the launch of base stations operating on the 26GHz band, the cellco’s parent company has confirmed. In a press release regarding the development, Telia Finland noted it recorded a new record downlink speed of 4.1Gbps near a 5G a base station in eastern Helsinki, while latency was said to have dropped ‘well below’ ten milliseconds.

Commenting, Janne Koistinen, Telia’s 5G programme director, said: ‘5G is now beginning to deliver on its revolutionary promise. The speeds tests in our public network are now approaching the world record measured in our partner Nokia’s networks. 5G on frequency bands like 26GHz will play an important role in the future to deliver uninterrupted connectivity with high bandwidth and low latency to applications like automated vehicles at a port or equipment in a factory, or to deliver lots of capacity to crowded areas, like city centres or a stadium.’

With Telia Finland having acquired spectrum in the 26GHz frequency band at auction in April last year, the operator said it is continuing to explore possibilities for use of this spectrum both in its public network and in pilots with corporate customers. While it expects further deployment of its 26GHz band spectrum in both public and dedicated 5G networks to continue in coming years, Telia did note that development of devices to connect to the networks ‘are still limited’. Meanwhile, away from its use of 26GHz frequencies, Telia Finland said it plans to continue its ‘ambitious’ rollout of 5G using 700MHz and 3.5GHz spectrum across the country.

Finland, Telia Finland