France opens consultation on cost of 5G spectrum in Reunion, Mayotte

26 Apr 2021

Cedric O, France’s Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications, Sebastien Lecornu, Minister of Overseas Territories, and Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Public Action and Accounts, have published a new public consultation on the financial terms for the allocation of 5G-suitable frequencies in the French Overseas Territories (FOT) of Reunion Island and Mayotte. The public consultation, scheduled to run until 20 May 2021, aims to collect opinions on the financial terms envisaged for the allocation of airwaves in the 700MHz and 3.5GHz bands. The government plans to strictly limit the financial contributions of operators by setting the minimum price for the allocation of frequencies during the auction phase at zero euros, while also capping the level of royalties. The government is aiming to launch the procedure for the allocation of 5G spectrum ‘by the end of the spring’ in order to allow for a commercial launch of 5G in Reunion and Mayotte by the beginning of next year.

Mayotte, Réunion