Bell deploys 400Gbps wavelength service with Ciena

26 Apr 2021

Bell Canada has deployed a commercial 400Gbps wavelength service using Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Extreme technology to deliver significantly increased connectivity speeds and capacity required by large cloud and data centre providers while optimising network performance and energy efficiency. Ivan Mihaljevic, Senior Wholesale VP at Bell, said: ‘Bell 400G wavelength service efficiently delivers the speed and capacity necessary to meet the fast-growing demand of bandwidth-intensive operators moving massive amounts of data and content to the cloud.’ Now deployed across major spans of Bell’s 17,000km fibre infrastructure, the 400G service will continue to expand nationally in the coming months.

The 400G technology increases fibre capacity using less network hardware and more automation to deliver four-times the data speed and 50% more capacity per wavelength. Bell says its wavelength service provides a reliable, secure fibre-optic network for the transport of voice, data and video, supporting the accelerated adoption of bandwidth-hungry services and applications that require fast, high capacity, low-latency connections. Ciena executive Bruce Hembree added: ‘With WaveLogic 5 Extreme, Bell can offer new, high bandwidth 400G services to carrier and content provider customers between key points of presence across Canada and into the US.’

In other news, it has been revealed that Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) made an aborted offer to acquire Shaw Communications earlier this year, before Shaw finalised its merger deal with Rogers Communications in March. Regulatory filings released at the end of last week showed that BCE had matched Rogers in terms of proposed per-share bid value, but it withdrew from deal negotiations because it was not prepared to amend its proposal regarding ‘certain regulatory issues.’