Austria allocates EUR1.4bn for high speed broadband expansion

26 Apr 2021

The Austrian government has announced that it is allocating EUR1.4 billion (EUR1.7 billion) by 2026 to accelerate the expansion of high speed broadband services across the country. The new funds consist of EUR891 million from the EU’s recovery and resilience fund, a further EUR166 million already earmarked in the current budget, as well as EUR389 million generated from the 2019 and 2020 spectrum auctions. At present, almost all of Austria’s approximately 3.9 million households already have a basic supply of fixed broadband services, 89% of which are faster than 30Mbps, while connection speeds of over 100Mbps are available for 80% of households and 43% have gigabit-enabled connections. After the new public funding has been finalised, the new funding guidelines will be sent for consultation to determine where the money will be allocated, before the guidelines are sent to the EU for notification. At the same time, work is being done on an amendment to the Telecommunications Act to create investment-friendly measures for the private-sector expansion of fixed and mobile internet services.