Rakuten Mobile to work with Tokyo Tech on 5G

23 Apr 2021

Rakuten Mobile and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) have inked an agreement to collaborate on 5G networks. In a joint press release, they confirmed that they will work towards trials utilising 5G networks, as well as collaborating with the ‘Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium’ originally set up by Tokyo Tech in 2018, with the aim of driving innovation to realise a super smart society, also known as ‘Society 5.0’. Rakuten Mobile has been a member of the consortium since November 2020 and will now build an end-to-end fully virtualised 5G network on the Ookayama Campus and surrounding area. Between now and March 2025, the pair will carry out trials leveraging sub-6GHz (Sub-6 5G) and mmW 5G NR (New Radio) that will aim to support the development of the surrounding area, to address local community needs.

Japan, Rakuten Mobile