Telefonica boosts maximum 5G speed to 500Mbps

21 Apr 2021

Telefonica Deutschland is increasing the maximum speed of its O2 Free Unlimited Max tariff from 300Mbps to 500Mbps. From 5 May customers with 5G-capable smartphones will be able to benefit from the new top speeds when they are within the 5G coverage area. Around 1,000 3.5GHz antennas are currently transmitting in 30 cities across the country, with an additional 5,000 set to be rolled out during this year, alongside several thousand antennas which use the 700MHz and 1800MHz frequency bands. By the end of this year, Telefonica should supply over 30% of the population with 5G and coverage is set to be available ‘nationwide’ at the end of 2025.

Germany, Telefonica Deutschland Holding