VodafoneZiggo tests 10Gbps access

20 Apr 2021

The Netherlands’ largest broadband operator by subscribers VodafoneZiggo has tested a download speed of 10Gbps on its existing fixed network, at the VodafoneZiggo TEC Campus in Amsterdam. A press release said that ‘the 10Gbps test was carried out in order to show that VodafoneZiggo can handle the capacity requirement of the future,’ adding: ‘At that speed, a 60GB game can be downloaded within 48 seconds and an average two-hour 4K film in ten seconds. 10Gbps also makes it possible to connect more smart devices to the internet.’

Today, VodafoneZiggo also announced the latest municipalities to receive its current top-speed 1Gbps service, Den Bosch and Deurne, where 72,000 households and business premises can now access the premium DOCSIS 3.1-based connections. The operator currently covers around 3.2 million premises with gigabit speeds and intends to achieve a full gigabit network footprint – 7.3 million premises – in 2022.

In another recent development, VodafoneZiggo has completed the switch-off of analogue cable TV, a three-year process which began back in April 2018. The company previously noted that the phasing out of analogue TV freed up additional network capacity for broadband upgrades.

Netherlands, VodafoneZiggo