1&1 Drillisch set to be renamed to 1&1

19 Apr 2021

1&1 Drillisch, which was created in 2017 through the merger of 1&1 Telecommunication and Drillisch, has announced that it plans to operate under the name 1&1 in the near future. A corresponding proposal by the Management Board and the Supervisory Board will be submitted to the shareholders for voting at the Annual General Meeting on 26 May 2021. The firm, which is 75%-owned by United Internet, says that the change of name to 1&1 is a step forward in the company’s development following an integration phase of several years, and aims at a clear and concise positioning of the company on the capital market.

‘The merger of 1&1 and Drillisch was an important strategic decision through which we have significantly strengthened our market position. In the last three years we have jointly leveraged numerous synergies and growth potential and have grown together into a team,’ said Ralph Dommermuth, CEO of 1&1 Drillisch, adding: ‘With 1&1, we have one of the strongest brands in the German telecommunications and internet market, which enjoys a high level of awareness and trust. With a clear image, we want to use this brand strength efficiently on the capital market in future.’

Germany, 1&1 (formerly 1&1 Drillisch)