A1 5G coverage reaches 3.8m Austrians

16 Apr 2021

A1 Telekom Austria has announced that its 5G network provides coverage to 3.8 million people in both urban and rural parts of the country. Since the beginning of this year A1 has put around 1,000 new 5G locations into operation, increasing the total to approximately 1,500. The firm launched its 3.5GHz network in 350 locations in 129 municipalities in January 2020.

‘The full potential of digitisation in Austria can only be developed with comprehensive and high quality access to digital media, services and business models,’ stated A1 Group CEO Thomas Arnoldner, adding: ‘As a company, we currently have even more responsibility, because the digital infrastructure, in which we invest around EUR450 million [USD539 million] annually in Austria alone, is the basis for future growth, greater innovative strength and new perspectives in rural areas. That secures jobs and brings competitive advantages. With currently around 1,500 5G locations, we are already supplying 3.8 million Austrians with 5G and are thus getting closer to our goal of equipping Austria with 5G nationwide in 2023.’

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