VodafoneZiggo boosts internet speeds for free

13 Apr 2021

The Netherlands’ largest broadband provider by subscribers VodafoneZiggo is implementing an increase in internet speeds across its range of packages from mid-April 2021, at no cost to customers. The company says the internet speed boost applies to more than 3.3 million consumers and business users. For instance, entry-level ‘Internet Basic’ package users get an upgrade from 25Mbps (download)/2.5Mbps (upload) to 40Mbps/5Mbps, while ‘Internet Max’ users are upgraded from 500Mbps/40Mbps to 600Mbps/40Mbps. B2B ‘Zakelijk Internet Max’ customers get a downlink boost from 600Mbps to 700Mbps. ‘Giga’ package subscribers will continue to receive 1Gbps/50Mbps down/upload.

Netherlands, VodafoneZiggo