Vodafone Fiji reveals plans for further FJD50m network investment

7 Apr 2021

Vodafone Fiji’s chief marketing officer Rajnesh Prasad has said the company plans to invest a further FJD50 million (USD24.4 million) in its mobile network in its new financial year, building upon significant investments made over the past three years. In an interview with FBCnews, Prasad confirmed: ‘We are investing another big chunk of money into our network to ensure that we continue to evolve our network, we continue to provide the right experience to our customers with regards to data, voice, and other services so that they have the best service from Vodafone.’

With the official noting that Vodafone plans to rebuild two mobile towers damaged recently by Tropical Cyclones Yasa and Ana later this month, he added that the operator currently offers network coverage of over 96% of the population for voice services, while data coverage is 85%.

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