MTS clocks 4Gbps mmWave 5G test

30 Mar 2021

Russian cellco Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) has achieved download speeds above 4Gbps on a pilot 5G mmWave network connected to a Motorola edge+ smartphone, in a test in partnership with Qualcomm and Ericsson. The speed run was carried out on an MTS laboratory indoor test bed in the 24.25GHz-27.5GHz mmWave n258 band, which is the only 5G band currently approved for commercial usage in Russia. Equipment used included an Ericsson AIR 1281 mmWave antenna-integrated radio with 800MHz bandwidth in eight-carrier aggregation mode.

‘High-speed, low-latency wireless broadband will enable next-generation consumer services, such as interactive AR, cloud gaming, and 4K video streaming. Following the launch of MTS’ commercial 5G mmWave network, our customers will be able to try out the advanced features of 5G-enabled smartphones first-hand,’ said Victor Belov, MTS Chief Technology Officer.