Paratus Zambia launches to infinity with new business plans

29 Mar 2021

Paratus Zambia, a subsidiary of pan-African network operator the Paratus Group, has announced the launch of a new range of business packages under the brand name Infinity. The Lusaka-based telco claims its ‘innovative’ plans are designed to give business customers access to more affordable, unlimited connectivity in the country where to date, it has been ‘difficult to obtain’. The Infinity speed packages comprise: 3Mbps to 5Mbps (Infinity Work), with unlimited usage, unlimited dedicated internet, domain hosting and web hosting on the faster service; and 5Mbps to 15Mbps (Infinity Business), which includes unlimited usage, a range of uncapped data quotas and domain hosting, and on the faster plans web hosting and secure VPNs.

Commenting on the launch, Paratus Zambia Country Manager, Marius van Vuuren, said: ‘We have created these Paratus Infinity packages because we fully understand how important it is for businesses to have access to quality unlimited connectivity. We do not cap or shape our connectivity solutions because we know that our customers need to be always online to do their business.’

Zambia, Paratus (Zambia)