Proximus joint venture to invest heavily in Flemish fibre network

26 Mar 2021

Fiberklaar, the joint venture between Belgian full-service telecoms operator Proximus and Sweden’s EQT Infrastructure announced in November 2020, has revealed it will invest more than EUR2.5 billion (USD2.95 billion) in the deployment of an open fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network in Flanders. The new company, which received approval from the European competition authority on 24 March, aims to connect 1.5 million homes and businesses to fibre by 2028.

‘It is our mission to make Flanders ‘fibre-ready’ in seven years and thus catch up with other European countries,’ Fiberklaar CEO Rik Missault said in a press release. The company aims to begin the rollout as early as this year in about a dozen Flemish cities and towns, three of which will be announced in April, with priority given to those municipalities with the greatest consumer demand. The network will be accessible to all operators under the same conditions, enabling customers to choose the service provider that best suits their requirements.

Belgium, EQT, Proximus