Turk Telekom tests 4.5Gbps 5G; raises fibre performance with AI

22 Mar 2021

Turk Telekom (TT) and Nokia have conducted tests in which they claimed a new 5G ‘world record’ data transmission speed of above 4.5Gbps, using mmWave (26GHz) spectrum bands in an eight-carrier configuration over a 5G NR test network with specially equipped smartphones. TT Deputy General Manager of Technology, Yusuf Kirac, announced: ‘Thanks to this technology, which provides many benefits for users and operators, we have achieved the high speed and large capacity targets promised by 5G. These technologies are also planned to be used in 6G, providing ultra-high speed and capacity. It also acts as a bridge for the Terahertz systems to mature and pave the way.’

In the tests at the operator’s Innovation Centre in Ankara, TT and Nokia used eight carriers each with a bandwidth of 100MHz (8×100MHz) and a 5G smartphone equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G mmWave module, compatible with 3GPP standards.

In a separate announcement, TT reported how it is using locally-developed artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to maximise its fibre network quality and increase internet performance. TT’s patented AI analysis platform ‘TT Optical Network (TT-ON)’ prevents performance losses by conducting automatic root cause analysis in Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems and proactively monitoring the quality of fibre-optic cables, explained Yusuf Kirac, who added: ‘With the smart software we have developed … we have succeeded in raising our fibre service quality standards significantly.’ Kirac noted that TT has 25 worldwide technology patents including 17 for 5G-based products, adding that the group ‘will continue to invest in local and national technologies that will create added value for Turkey’s economy in order to reduce the technological and economic dependence on foreign countries.’

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