Togocom provides 2020 progress report; outlines further fibre deployments for 2021

18 Mar 2021

Paulin Alazard, the managing director of Togocom – the telecoms holding company created by the formal transformation of the Togo Telecom Group – has revealed that the company has now deployed 5G mobile technology at the airport, at the Autonomous Port of Lome, at the new administrative district in the Atchante district, and at the Industrial Platform of Adetikope; the new 5G network was launched on 27 November 2020, in a first for West Africa.

Alazard also confirmed that last year, 144 new sites were deployed to improve its mobile network, the number of fibre-optic subscribers doubled (TeleGeography estimates to around 10,000), the number of mobile money (TMoney) users increased by 50%, and the number of TMoney transactions by 79%. In its update, Togocom confirmed that by end-2020 ‘97% of the Togolese population [was] now covered by the Togocom network and 70% of customers have already noted a noticeable improvement in the quality of the network according to a satisfaction survey’.

Meanwhile, Togocom has announced plans to deploy optical fibre as part of its FTTH rollout in seven towns in 2021, namely: Aneho, Atakpame, Kpalime, Sokode, Kara, Dapaong and Cinkasse.

Togo, Togocom