MegaCom wins 2300MHz licences

18 Mar 2021

Kyrgyzstan’s State Communications Agency (SCA) announced on its website that state-backed mobile operator MegaCom has won two spectrum licences in the 2300MHz-2400MHz TDD range at auction with total bids of KGS116.87 million (USD1.38 million). The licences exclude the capital Bishkek and second city Osh but include the rest of the Republic’s territory, with bandwidth of 40MHz (2300MHz-2340MHz, costing KGS77.92 million) and 20MHz (2380MHz-2400MHz, costing KGS38.95 million). MegaCom’s bids totalled KGS5.56 million above the two licences’ combined starting price, although the SCA indicated that MegaCom was the sole participant in the auction.

The SCA disclosed that a third licence up for auction – 40MHz (2340MHz-2380MHz) covering Batken, Talas and Naryn regions, with a starting price of KGS17.72 million – went unsold due to the absence of bidders.