FET aims to convert over 50% of contract users to 5G by mid-2023

17 Mar 2021

Taiwanese mobile network operator (MNO) Far EasTone (FET) has set itself the target of converting more than half of its post-paid subscriber base to 5G within three years of launching the service, back in July 2020. The Taipei Times notes that FET had signed up around 300,000 by early December, around a month ahead of its original expectations, and now the MNO has said it is on course to convert 20% of post-paid users – or around one million subscribers – to 5G by the third quarter of 2021.

Commenting on the matter, FET’s consumer business unit executive vice president T Y Yin was cited as saying: ‘In the long term, the [penetration rate] would reach 50% in three years … Young people in urban areas are earlier adopters of our 5G services, as they are more willing to try new services and new technologies.’

To satisfy rising demand, meanwhile, FET is aiming to increase 5G coverage to around 90% of the population by the end of 2021, up from around 65% presently. The cellco is understood to have deployed more than 5,000 5G base stations to date, and has budgeted TWD14.9 billion (USD527 million) for investment this year, with the lion’s share of that set aside to fund 5G deployments.

Taiwan, Far EasTone (FET)