Croatia adopts new broadband plan

16 Mar 2021

The Croatian government has adopted a new National Plan for the Development of Broadband Access, covering the period 2021-27. The plan aims to deliver the objectives outlined in the EC’s ‘Connectivity to a Competitive Digital Single Market – Towards a European Gigabit Society’ and ‘5G for Europe’ projects, which encourage the development of broadband access and very high-capacity networks that enable gigabit connectivity across EU member states by 2025. Croatia currently ranks 25th out of 27 states in the EU’s Economic and Social Digitisation Index (DESI 2020).

The Croatian plan aims to provide connectivity with download speeds of at least 100Mbps to all households, while government offices and public buildings such as schools and health facilities will get symmetric connections of at least 1Gbps. The project also seeks to have 5G networks in all main cities and towns and along major highways.