AT&T to commence C-band 5G rollout by year-end

15 Mar 2021

As part of its Analyst & Investor Day, AT&T has shared details of its future 5G deployment plans. In an accompanying press release, the telco explains: ‘During the recent C-band auction, we secured 80MHz of spectrum and a 29% share of the available licences. We plan to deploy this mid-band spectrum starting at the end of this year and into 2022 and beyond. It will complement our nationwide 5G network on low band [850MHz] and allow us to deliver faster average speeds across the country.’

AT&T notes that its 850MHz 5G network now covers 230 million Americans in 14,000 cities and towns while its millimetre wave (mmWave) 5G+ network is now available in parts of 38 cities in the US.

United States, AT&T Communications