Just 1% of smartphones compatible with DSS 5G, Claro CTO reveals

9 Mar 2021

Andre Sarcinelli, the CTO of Claro Brasil, has revealed that just 1% of smartphones used within its 5G footprint are compatible with the new dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) network. The executive told Mobile Time: ‘The important thing is that this 1% makes the rest of the ecosystem more efficient. It improves the data flow and makes the experience faster as a whole. We have seen a 40% growth in data traffic since we launched 5G DSS.’ Compatible handsets are understood to include: the Motorola Edge+, the Motorola G 5G Plus and the Samsung Note 20.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, in July 2020 Claro launched 5G networks using DSS technology, which enables the parallel operation of 4G and 5G services via one frequency band. Connectivity was initially enabled in selected zones of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and Claro’s 5G footprint now stands at fourteen cities, including the likes of Manaus, Santos and Porto Alegre. The newest locations, Goiania and Brasilia, went live earlier this month.