Bermuda’s RA takes aim at telcos over non-payment of fees

8 Mar 2021

Bermuda’s Regulatory Authority (RA) is looking to open enforcement proceedings against East End Group (EEG) companies Telecommunications Networks Ltd (trading as East End Telecom) and its subsidiary TeleBermuda International (TBi) over their failure to pay overdue regulatory fees. In giving notice of enforcement proceedings, RA said it had issued ‘binding’ instructions to both firms on 18 November 2020 concerning outstanding quarterly fees. TBi was instructed to pay half of all owed fees (including arrears) within seven days, with the balance to follow by 31 December. Further, the company was instructed not to fall behind on its fees payments in future. Similar instructions were issued to TNL, with RA chief executive Denton Williams warning the companies that failure to comply could result in fees of up to BMD5,000 (USD5,000) per day for non-compliance.

On its website, RA confirms that it ‘seeks to determine, by conducting an informal adjudication’ whether the pair have ‘contravened certain statutory provisions requiring the payment of fees to the Authority’.