Vodafone launches broadband Satellite Community Wi-Fi in Fiji

5 Mar 2021

In a bid to improve internet access in remote parts of Fiji, Vodafone Fiji has launched the country’s inaugural Satellite Community Wi-Fi service in Nakavika village, in the Central Division’s Namosi province. Vodafone is pioneering innovative solutions to deliver broadband services in the Pacific island country and its Satellite Community Wi-Fi platform has connected 61 households in the village, which lies about 57km west of the capital, Suva. The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) cites Vodafone Chief Marketing Officer Rajnesh Prasad as saying that Satellite Community Wi-Fi is ‘a drive for innovation and equal connectivity, breaking barriers of locality’. Vodafone Fiji added that it has received requests from other communities for its installation going forward.

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