Monaco Telecom’s fibre-optic rollout complete

5 Mar 2021

Monaco’s monopoly broadband services provider Monaco Telecom has announced that it is now ready to connect the entire principality to a new fibre-optic network capable of providing download speeds of up to 10Gbps, following a three-year programme to install 210km of network cabling.

During a special programme on TV channel Monaco Info, Monaco Telecom CEO Martin Peronnet explained that while ‘horizontal network deployment’ is complete, work to connect homes will proceed with the permission of the buildings’ trustees. Some 62% of eligible apartments have already been connected, with the figure expected to rise to 85% of households by the end of the year and 100% by 2023. The company highlighted that installation within buildings has been a complicated process, as only those built after 2017 were pre-fitted to accommodate fibre-optic cabling.

‘We are conscious that we are moving through a decisive stage in Monaco’s digital life,’ said Monaco Telecom’s CEO. ‘Digital technology is increasingly at the centre of all of our lives, and fibre will be the primary network for this for at least the next 20 years … We are not simply launching a network, we are launching a new experience, that we hope will be of very high quality and among the most innovative.’

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