China Mobile, Huawei pilot 5G indoor distributed Massive MIMO

5 Mar 2021

Huawei and China Mobile Guangdong have launched a pilot 5G indoor distributed Massive MIMO network using 2.6GHz inter-frequency (80MHz+80MHz) networking in Huawei’s Southern Factory in Dongguan, an industrial city in China’s Pearl River Delta, reporting 1.2Gbps peak cell uplink throughput – quadrupled compared with traditional 4T4R cells. The pilot uses LampSite, Huawei’s 5G digital indoor network product supporting up to 64T64R channels and pooling beamforming, MU-MIMO and other technologies. The vendor said that the results show that the solution ensures end-to-end high-quality uplink for smart manufacturing applications, with 5G opening up new opportunities for factories to implement smart, flexible, and transparent manufacturing based on wireless technologies, while such pilots provide carriers with new options for emerging industrial services such as video transfer and AGV operations, expanding 5G to airports, ports, power grids, transportation, security, and many other industrial markets.

As previously reported by CommsUpdate, in March 2020 the Chinese government issued instructions to 5G network operators to provide wider indoor coverage, greater support for applications in vertical industries and to enable the exploration of new business models, and in April 2020 China Unicom and Huawei announced the launch of a 5G indoor distributed Massive MIMO solution to be integrated into LampSite. February 2021 saw China Mobile Shanghai and Huawei deploy a LampSite Massive MIMO indoor stadium network at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (the venue for Mobile World Congress Shanghai), aggregating bandwidth of 200MHz in the 2.6GHz and 4.9GHz bands with a peak rate exceeding 3Gbps.

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