Virgin Media trials multi-gigabit network technology

4 Mar 2021

British broadband provider Virgin Media has trialled what it terms ‘innovative network technology which provides new ways to roll out multi-gigabit speeds to consumers and businesses’. In a press release regarding the development, the operator said that in the trial – which was carried out over its network in Reading – it installed prototype Infinera XR Optics technology. According to Virgin Media the new equipment plugs into its existing network and is theoretically able to send and receive data at speeds of up to 400Gbps in a single fibre, while ISPreview reports that in the trial itself the operator confirmed it had recorded speeds of 200Gbps.

With Virgin Media noting that in 2019 it had tested out 10Gbps symmetric full fibre home broadband technology in Papworth, Cambridgeshire, it claimed this new trial ‘goes a step beyond that’, by demonstrating that its passive fibre optic access network (PON) could deliver 400Gbps symmetrical services by making use of the latest technology.

Commenting on the matter, Jeanie York, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Virgin Media, said: ‘Our next generation network already offers gigabit connectivity to more than seven million homes, but with data use and demand for hyper-fast speeds surging, we’re continually investing in our network to prepare for whatever the future brings … Innovations like this ensure our customers continue to benefit from the UK’s fastest widely available speeds, pave the way for future network upgrades and help support the rollout of multi-gigabit broadband and mobile services.’

United Kingdom, Virgin Media