QTnet selects Nokia to power local 5G services in Kyushu

4 Mar 2021

Kyushu Electric Power Co. broadband unit QTnet, working in partnership with Nokia, has announced the launch of a local 5G private fixed-wireless network – the first time such a system has been deployed in the region as a result of a commercial spectrum licence acquisition. In a press release, the Finnish vendor said that the initiative creates ‘a sizeable business opportunity’ for QTnet, pointing out that the private wireless network will be based on the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, ‘a high performance, private wireless networking and edge computing platform that will power digital transformation across the Kyushu region’. As part of the plan, the two companies are teaming up with the Kyushu Institute of Technology to provide 5G-enabled services on campus – which they claim is ‘the first industry-academia collaboration in Japan’.

Japan, Nokia, QTnet Corporation