PLDT outlines further FTTH expansion plans

24 Feb 2021

PLDT chairman and CEO Manuel V Pangilinan has revealed that his company plans to address the lack of fixed line infrastructure across the country and to that end, is ramping up the expansion of its fibre-optic networks. Outlining the logistical and financials issues related to deploying fixed services – compared to wireless – Pangilinan said that nonetheless, the company had installed 429,000km of fibre by end-December 2020 and made its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network available in 1,634 cities and municipalities nationwide, covering in total 48% of homes. Since then, PLDT has upped the figure to over 500,000km but he notes that ‘still more that needs to be done’ and that the telco continues to replace its legacy copper wire systems with fibre ‘as quickly as it can’.