DITO ‘passes’ NTC audit as it prepares for launch; inks interconnection deal with PLDT

23 Feb 2021

The Philippines’ long-awaited new third telco DITO Telecommunity has finally passed its technical audit after registering a minimum broadband speed of 507.5Mbps for its fledgling 5G service, and 85.9Mbps for its 4G equivalent, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) confirmed on Monday (22 February). The regulator provided further details of the newcomer’s performance noting that peak 4G mobile internet speeds reached 102.4Mbps and 769.1Mbps for 5G, near base stations, with average (mid-point) throughput recorded at 91.0Mbps (4G) and 437.1Mbps (5G) respectively. Farther out, DITO base stations achieved figures of 64.4Mbps and 316.5Mbps, the NTC added – randomly testing the telco’s existing 1,602 cell sites in the process which cover 37.5% of the population. ‘It should be noted that there are still no subscribers in the network at this time,’ NTC said. DITO is expected to launch its network commercially in March this year.

In a related development, DITO Telecommunity and PLDT Inc. have confirmed plans to cooperate on the construction of a transmission facility which will serve as an interconnection point for their subscribers. It is understood PLDT will establish and manage the interconnection facility which is expected to be completed by end-March, in time for DITO’s commercial launch. DITO chief technology officer Rodolfo Santiago, meanwhile, has confirmed that an interconnection hub with Globe Telecom is also being built.