Vodafone 5G reaches 20m Germans

19 Feb 2021

Vodafone Germany has announced that it has switched on a further 2,200 5G antennas at around 800 locations across Germany. The expansion work was carried out in major cities including Duisburg and Essen, smaller cities such as Goettingen and Glauchau, and rural areas including Ohmberg and Wahlheim. In total, more than 7,000 5G antennas are now active at almost 2,500 locations, providing coverage to more than 20 million Germans, with this set to rise to 30 million by the end of this year.

Vodafone is using the 1800MHz band to provide 5G in densely populated cities with speeds of more than 500Mbps, while the 700MHz range is being deployed in rural areas to offer data rates of up to 200Mbps and the 3500MHz band is being rolled out in high traffic areas such as stadiums and train stations, where it is able to support speeds of 1Gbps.

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