Mexican MNOs to utilise Red Compartida network

18 Feb 2021

Mexico’s 700MHz open access network provider ALTAN Redes (Red Compartida) has reportedly signed an agreement with the government which will pave the way for the country’s three MNOs – Telcel, AT&T and Movistar – to utilise its infrastructure in locations that are home to fewer than 5,000 inhabitants.

Salvador Alvarez, General Director of ALTAN Redes, commented: ‘It is a win-win [situation] for everyone, since the operators can take advantage of ALTAN’s already installed infrastructure and bring connectivity to their customers in areas where they did not have coverage. Furthermore, Red Compartida adds users in areas with little traffic, which gives sustainability to the network. Finally, we promote healthy competition in these locations, which represents a benefit for end users.’

Red Compartida, which was launched in March 2018, currently covers more than 69 million Mexican citizens. Going forward, the network must cover 85% of the population by January 2022, 88.2% by January 2023 and 92.2% of the population by January 2024.