Vilnius court will accept Telia’s complaint over MEZON spectrum transfer

17 Feb 2021

The Vilnius Regional Administrative Court has decided to accept and assess a complaint from Telia Lietuva against the decision of the Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT) to allow Bite to acquire the spectrum of MEZON. The move follows a ruling earlier this month from the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania (SACL) which states that there was insufficient justification for the Vilnius court to refuse to accept Telia’s complaint.

In November last year the RRT approved the sale of broadband operator MEZON to mobile operator Bite, but Telia filed a complaint in court against the transfer of MEZON’s frequencies, saying the move would give Bite a competitive advantage in the market. Telia’s challenge was not accepted by the Vilnius court and the EUR20 million (USD23.9 million) sale of MEZON was completed in December. However, earlier this month the SACL ruled that the Vilnius court must re-evaluate whether to accept Telia’s complaint against the approval decision of the RRT.

‘We see Telia’s legal fight against the RRT as an attempt to stop or at least delay real competition in the fixed internet market,’ commented Pranas Kuisys, Director of MEZON, adding: ‘MEZON intends to compete seriously in this market, so it is natural that this will cause inconvenience to the long-time dominant player. However, it is important to emphasise that today’s decision is far from meaning that the court has seen any violation of Telia’s rights.’

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