NBN Co consults on wholesale pricing

16 Feb 2021

Australia’s NBN Co has announced the release of its ‘Pricing Review 2021 Consultation Paper 1’, through which it said it ‘seeks to deliver value, certainty and simplicity to the telecommunication industry and customers’. The consultation paper will look to examine possible alternatives to the current bundle discount for Access Virtual Circuit (AVC) and Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC), which respectively serve as an access charge based on speed tier and capacity charge. Meanwhile, the paper also seeks feedback on proposed wholesale discounts and data inclusions in the company’s two-year ‘Bundles Discount Roadmap’ to April 2023, as well as on solutions for a long-term, low-income offer and a repositioning of the original higher speed tiers to meet the future needs of business customers. NBN Co is also reportedly aiming to simplify how it does business with retail internet service providers.

More than 50 internet retailers and consumer advocacy groups, such as Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), have reportedly been invited to participate in the consultation, according to NBN Co.

Commenting on the matter, NBN Co Chief Customer Officer, Brad Whitcomb, said: ‘We see this consultation as an important opportunity for the industry to ensure that we can continue to evolve our framework to meet growing data consumption and develop solutions to continue to support Australia’s digital future in a commercially sustainable way.’

Australia, NBN Co