A1 Telekom Austria increases length of fibre network to 61,000km

16 Feb 2021

A1 Telekom Austria extended its fibre-optic network by an additional 6,500km in 2020, increasing the total length of the infrastructure to around 61,000km. Last year, the fibre network was expanded to roughly 280 Austrian municipalities, enabling an additional 275,000 households to connect to high speed services. A1 says it supplies more than 2.3 million homes and businesses with high speed broadband and that it invests around EUR500 million (USD606.5 million) in the expansion of its digital infrastructure each year.

‘The A1 fibre-optic network is by far the largest broadband network in Austria. With a total length of more than 61,000km, we supply cities, industrial areas and rural areas with ultra-fast internet,’ commented A1’s CTO Alexander Stock, adding: ‘In addition, the fibre-optic network is also the basis for the new generation of 5G mobile communications. Ultra-fast mobile internet is only possible by connecting 5G transmission stations to fibre-optics. Our goal is that everyone in Austria benefits from the extensive possibilities of digitisation. Therefore, we use all the resources and technologies available to us to expand fibre-optics in all of Austria as quickly as possible.’

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