Court rules that Telia’s complaint over MEZON spectrum transfer should be reconsidered

5 Feb 2021

The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania (SACL) has ruled that a Vilnius court must re-evaluate whether to accept Telia Lietuva’s complaint against the decision of the Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT) to allow Bite to acquire the spectrum of MEZON. In November last year the RRT approved the sale of broadband operator MEZON to mobile operator Bite, but Telia filed a complaint in court against the transfer of MEZON’s frequencies, saying the move would give Bite a competitive advantage in the market. Telia’s challenge was rejected by the Vilnius court and the EUR20 million (USD23.9 million) sale of MEZON was completed in December. However, the SACL has now ruled that the court of first instance must reconsider the issue of admissibility of Telia’s complaint.

Lithuania, Bite Lithuania, Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT), MEZON, Telia Lietuva