Gouda for them: DELTA Fiber takes over Rekam network

2 Feb 2021

DELTA Fiber Nederland announced yesterday that it is taking full control of the fibre-optic and HFC cable (coaxial) broadband access network of its existing partner Rekam in the Midden-Holland (Central Holland) region including Gouda. DELTA Fiber, which already provides its DELTA and Caiway branded triple-play services over the Rekam open network in the region, announced that the acquisition involves more than 50,000 connections.

DELTA Fiber will take over the entire network, premises connections, maintenance and employees of Rekam, while it highlighted in its announcement that nothing will change for customers who already subscribe to services over the Rekam network from providers including DELTA, Caiway and other internet/TV/telephony operators. DELTA Fiber also announced that it will soon begin a fibre access network expansion project in the region. Company director Marco Visser said: ‘We have already installed fibre-optics in Gouda in the Bloemendaal, Plaswijck and Goverwelle districts. Thanks to the step we are now taking, we can also achieve that goal in the rest of Gouda and the Midden-Holland region.’

The statement also noted that Rekam had previously started installing fibre-optics in Krimpenerwaard through a joint venture with GlasDraad, activities which will be continued by Rekam GlasDraad and are not part of DELTA Fiber’s acquisition.

Its latest deal marks DELTA Fiber Nederlands’ third partner network buyout in less than two months. In late December 2020 the group disclosed that it was acquiring full control of its 50/50 joint venture Cogas Kabel Infra by buying out the 50% held by utility firm Cogas, based in Overijssel. Cogas Kabel Infra has been rolling out fibre since 2012 and according to DELTA Fiber the venture currently provides broadband connections to approximately 110,000 addresses in the region, having deployed fibre to nearly the entire Cogas service footprint. In 2021 DELTA Fiber says it aims to roll out fibre to the remaining uncovered areas, including small settlements in Hof van Twente, Hardenberg and others. Cogas Kabel Infra’s ownership change does not alter existing end-user service provision contracts.

Also in December 2020, DELTA Fiber Nederlands took sole ownership of its joint venture DFMopGlas, previously 50% controlled by the De Fryske Mienskip op Glas cooperative. DFMopGlas focuses on installing fibre-optic networks in Friesland province, and DELTA Fiber indicated that the change of ownership – implemented after a consultation with the citizens’ cooperative – will speed up the regional rollout process.

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