WorldLink to build data centres in 14 cities

29 Jan 2021

WorldLink Communications, Nepal’s largest ISP, has announced a NPR3 billion (USD25.4 million) plan to build internet data centres in 14 major towns across the country over the next three years. According to the company, all the data centres will house carrier-neutral facilities, meaning they will not only facilitate WorldLink’s infrastructure but also that of other ISPs, telecom companies, government agencies and private organisations. The larger Kathmandu data centre will be an internationally accredited Tier 3 facility, while the other small and medium-sized sites will be Tier 2-certified. The project aims to ensure quality internet services for customers and support the government’s Digital Nepal programme amid exponential growth in internet traffic and robust growth in the use of digital services, explains the company. ‘With these IDC facilities, everyone will get internet content faster, cheaper and in a more reliable way. Even the government and private organisations will find a very secure and reliable world class facility to host their digital contents and cloud infrastructure,’ it added.

Nepal, WorldLink Communications