Brussels region planning to market excess fibre network capacity

27 Jan 2021

The Brussels region is drawing up plans to commercialise excess capacity in its fibre-optic network, reports L’Echo. The infrastructure includes the 400km Irisnet network owned by the regional government for local public services, as well as fibre infrastructure developed by local transport authority Bruxelles Mobilite (130km), energy supplier Sibelga (100km), water company Vivaqua (46km), public transport operator STIB (43km) and the Port of Brussels (10km). With only 15% to 20% of capacity currently being utilised, Bernard Clerfayt, the regional government Minister for Digital Transition, has obtained agreement from the network owners to pool their infrastructure and lease the surplus to telecom operators. It is also hoped the move will enable greater coordination between the various actors with regards to future deployments across the capital. The network is expected to generate no shortage of interest from operators and could certainly aid Proximus’s plan, announced in December last year, to cover all homes and businesses in the region with an open fibre network by the end of 2026.

Belgium, Proximus