Bite adds six sites to 5G network

20 Jan 2021

Lativian cellco Bite has installed additional six 5G base stations in Riga, extending the operator’s 5G coverage to areas of Old Riga, Krastmala and Kipsala. Bite invested over EUR10 million (USD12.1 million) in 5G infrastructure last year and plans to match that spend in 2021, although the company has maintained that a wider rollout of the technology will take place in 2023. The operator established its first 5G base station in June 2019, and the addition of the six extra sites brings the company’s total footprint to just seven sites. Any customer with a compatible device can currently use the network at no extra cost but a full commercial launch of the system is understood to be some distance away, with Bite indicating that it is waiting for the device ecosystem to mature further.

Commenting on the operator’s 5G plans, the head of Bite Latvia Kaspar Buls was quoted as saying: ‘Although the opportunities provided by the 4G technology generation are enough for the everyday communication user, network development is one of our strategic priorities, so this year we have also worked very purposefully on 5G development. We see that 5G technology can have a significant impact on the future development of the Latvian economy. In addition, it is not only about its opportunities in the daily life of the population, but mainly in business, industrial solutions in education, traffic, science, health, urban environment, innovation, investment attraction, etc.’

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