US, Canada sign cross-border spectrum coordination pact

19 Jan 2021

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada (ISED) have signed an arrangement to implement a modernised framework for cross-border radio frequency spectrum coordination, covering usage of frequencies by terrestrial and earth stations. An FCC statement said that the new General Coordination Agreement (GCA) and Transitional Arrangement will help eliminate interference along the US-Canada border and support rapid deployment of new communications services. The modernised agreement supersedes, among other existing instruments, the Above 30MHz Agreement which has not been updated since 1962 and restricted the types of arrangements available for spectrum coordination. Under the new framework, the US/Canadian authorities will have flexibility to create and update spectrum coordination arrangements in response to rapidly evolving communications needs. These decisions also ensure that all stations and frequencies coordinated prior to the GCA’s entry in force maintain their coordinated status.