Tizeti rolls out 4G in Edo State

19 Jan 2021

Wireless ISP Tizeti has announced it has begun the rollout of LTE services in Edo State. The firm is initially deploying its low-cost solar-powered 4G network in Benin City, with customers able to access services starting at NGN4,000 (USD10.3) per month from 1 April. ‘Rolling out 4G LTE broadband internet in Edo at the cheapest fixed broadband prices in Nigeria, and possibly Africa, is a strategic decision for us,’ stated Tizeti’s CEO Kendall Ananyi, adding: ‘We have been building brand-new, solar-powered, 4G-capable towers in Edo, starting with Benin City, which leverages Edo State’s expansive fibre network built by some of our partners, MainOne and Facebook. Edo State has a large population of vibrant, young people and a high number of higher institutions, which provides a foundation for a robust and thriving ecosystem to enable digital leadership.’

In addition, Tizeti currently delivers high speed unlimited Wi-Fi internet access to residential and business customers in Lagos, Ogun and Rivers State, as well as in Accra and Tema in Ghana. It says that it plans to expand to other African countries in the near future.

Nigeria, Tizeti